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1. Intimacy With God

At Life Church we believe that the key to passionate spirituality is first and foremost to know God. It is impossible to love others and develop fully-devoted Christ followers without knowing God intimately.


2. Glory of God

At Life Church we believe that true worship takes place in every aspect of life. Whatever is done should be done to the glory of God both individually and corporately.


3. Obedience to God

At Life Church we believe that obedience to the commands of Christ is the only way that we can prove to ourselves and to the world that we love Jesus and are His disciples. We value striving to please God with our conduct and we want to remove anything in our lives that makes us spiritually unhealthy.


4. Knowledge of God

At Life Church a commitment to spiritual growth can be nurtured only by seeking Biblical truth. We value the knowledge of God through teaching, preaching, and equipping individuals with Life Resources to know and understand God better.



5. The Value of Every Person

At Life Church we believe that because people are valuable to God that they should also be valuable to us. The world will understand God's love only as we model loving and caring relationships.


6. The Renown of God

At Life Church we value responsible, need oriented, personal evangelism. It takes an enthusiastically changed life to reach another life. We also value reaching lost people on all soils through missions trips and giving.



7.Mosaic Fit

At Life Church we believe that there are no spectators in the Christian life. Every single person who attends Life Church has unique giftings, skills, and passions. We want to help every believer find their mosaic fit. We all have a design in God's master artistry.



At Life Church we view the church as a family and as a team. Every ministry and every member function in unity to accomplish the main thing—loving God and loving others by developing fully-devoted Christ-followers.


9.Excellence In Ministry

At Life Church we believe that excellence and quality honors God and motivates people. We value doing our very best for God by embracing lifelong growing attitudes of excellence that permeate every ministry and activity.

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